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After you sign up for a Bookshare Individual Membership, regardless of your age, you’ll need to provide a Proof of Disability form signed by a Qualifying Professional, someone with experience in your area of disability. Typically, we would ask the Qualifying... more
After creating a new organizational Bookshare account online, typically the person who created the account (whom we call the Primary Contact) would be required to print, sign, scan and return an Organization Agreement form. However, in recognition of the extraordinary... more
Video Tutorial: What to Expect in the Organizational Sign Up Process × Signing up for Bookshare is fast and easy. Here is what to expect when signing up for an Organizational... more
Bookshare expects members (or parents/guardians for students less than 18 years of age) to self-certify student enrollment status, but reserves the right to request proof.
Schools can register for organizational memberships and assign books to their students. Educators can also request individual memberships for students who want independent access to the library.For schools and students in the U.S., membership is free through an award... more
Video Tutorial: Sign Up as an Individual Sign Up as an Individual×There are three steps to becoming a Bookshare member:1.    Register online.  Click “Sign Up Today”Click Sign Up IndividualComplete all of the required fieldsA welcome email will be sent to confirm your... more
Video: How to Provide Proof of Disability Video Tutorial: Proof of Disability for Individual Members×There are several methods for providing Proof of Disability when completing an Individual Membership for Bookshare.   Students of schools with Organizational... more
Video Tutorial: Sign Up as an Organization × There are three basic steps to sign up your school and becoming a Bookshare organizational member:1.    Register online.  Select... more
If you were originally registered for Bookshare as an Organizational Member (e.g. a student at a school), your Bookshare Sponsor can provide you an Activation ID that will link your new Individual Membership to the Organization. With this Activation ID your... more