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Bookshare makes 1,036,084 books available to qualifying print-disabled members.  We serve a wide range of readers by making accessible books of many different kinds textbooks, best-sellers and award winners in all genres, how-to and business books, and many more.  (To learn more about browsing and special collections, please see our search tips page.)

Bookshare began as a place for volunteers to pool their resources by providing books for others, and we still welcome many contributions from this active community each month.  Thanks to more than 800 socially responsible publisher partners, thousands of digital files are donated to our collection each year, so that our members can read the latest top titles at the same time they are available to readers at large.

Qualifying student members can access titles from the NIMAC repository of K-12 textbook and other classroom materials. College and university DSS offices also contribute books to our collection.  For qualifying OSEP-funded student members, we convert requested classroom reading into an accessible form through internal processes.

For legal and technical reasons, there are certain formats that we are currently unable to convert.  If you are concerned about whether we are able to convert a book that you need, please check this page for details.