Is Bookshare Web Reader for Me?

The “Read Now” link will allow you to read Bookshare books directly within your Internet browser using Bookshare Web Reader. Books will be streamed directly to your computer; there is nothing to download or install. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to read Bookshare books.

Bookshare Web Reader provides built-in audio in Google Chrome and Safari and displays the text of the book with full navigation and layout options in all major browsers. For more information on compatible browsers, see What Browsers are Compatible with the Bookshare Web Reader?.

Benetech has partnered with BeeLine Reader, to offer Bookshare members access to a colorful approach to reading! This award-winning software might be of interest to members with learning differences, low vision or physical disabilties. Learn more about BeeLine and Bookshare Web Reader.

Learn how to use Bookshare Web Reader.