Go Read: Getting Started

To download Go Read on your device:

  1. Open the Google Play store. 
  2. Search for "Go Read" or "Bookshare."

    An image of Go Read's icon as displayed in the Google Play Store.

  3. Select Go Read, then select the Install button.

Once you’ve logged in to your Bookshare account you’ll be able to download and read Bookshare books directly on your Android device.

To download Bookshare books in Go Read:

  1. Launch the Go Read app.
  2. Select the More Options menu button.
  3. Select the Login Bookshare button.

    Go Read More Options menu showing options for Settings, Help, About GoRead and Login Bookshare

  4. Enter in your Bookshare email address and password, then select the Log In button.
  5. Search for your book by Title, Author, ISBN, or Category.
  6. When you locate a book select the book’s title, then select the Download button.

    Book details with highlighted download buttons.

  7. Once the book has downloaded, select the Book Downloaded! Read Book button.
  8. When the book opens, select the Play button on the navigation bar to turn on Text to Speech. Go Read's audio will begin reading from the top of the current page. 
  9. To access your downloaded books, select the Drawer menu button, then select the My Books button.

    Go Read Drawer menu showing options for My Books, Search Bookshare, Other Categories, Search Text, night, Day

  10. Search by recently opened books, author, or title.
  11. Select the book's title and then select the Read button.