How can I get books from Bookshare after leaving high school?

  • Leaving high school? Make sure you have an Individual Bookshare membership—you can use it at any school you attend in the U.S.
  • Off to college? The Disabled Student Services office on your campus can help you get your required books in the formats you need. Many colleges in the U.S. also have Bookshare memberships and can help you find and download a book. As always, U.S. student memberships are free, thanks to an award from the Office of Special Education programs, Department of Education.
  • Enrolled in classes for the new term? Check to see if your books are in the Bookshare collection.  If not, you can request a book be added.
  • Taking a break from school? An Individual Bookshare membership is only $50 for one year. You’ll be eligible for free membership when you return to school.

To learn more about using Bookshare after high school, please visit Can I still use Bookshare after high school?