How can I subscribe to and share Public Reading Lists?

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Bookshare's librarians have curated hundreds of ready-made Reading Lists to make it easier to find and share books. You can browse these lists at Teachers can subscribe to these lists and share them with their students. Individual Bookshare members can also subscribe to these Reading Lists for easy access to them from their "My Reading Lists" page.

Please note: you must be logged into your Bookshare account to access these Reading Lists.

Teachers: subscribe to Public Reading Lists and share them with your students

  • Log in to your Bookshare account.
  • Find a Reading List you would like to share with your students at
  • Select the "Subscribe" button (backwards wi-fi symbol) at the top of the Reading List
  • Next, select the "Add Members" button to assign members to the Reading List
  • Select the students to whom you want to assign this list, then select "Add Members."
  • When these students next log in using their Bookshare user name and password, they will see the lists you have assigned to them under the "Reading Lists" tab on their "My Bookshare" page, and they can select a book and read it. (For more on how students read books, view this video.)
  • For more on Reading Lists, see How to Subscribe to or Copy a Reading List

Individual Members: subscribe to Public Reading Lists

  • Log in to your Bookshare account
  • Find a Reading List that interests you:
  • Select the "Subscribe" button (backwards wi-fi symbol) at the top of the Reading List.
  • This list will now appear on your "My Reading Lists" page, and the books will be available to you!