How can a Student Login help students read more books?

A Student Login with Bookshare allows a student to access any book shared with them on a Reading List, assigned to them, or downloaded for them by a Sponsor or teacher. (Teachers, find detailed instructions on how to set up student logins in this Getting Started Guide and this helpful video)

A student who wishes to access any Bookshare book should get a full Bookshare Individual Membership. For members who are under 18, this will require the approval of a parent or guardian. Here are the steps involved:  

 logged in to Bookshare using his or her student login, a student can go to the sign up page and enter all required information.  This includes:

  • The student's full name
  • The student's date of birth
  • If an email address was not originally used as the username, an email address is required as that will replace the current user name for logging into Bookshare.  
  • If the member is under 18, his or her parent's or guardian's name, contact information, and digital signature.

The school or organization information and the activation ID will automatically be included in the form.  

If you receive any error messages, contact a sponsor on the organization to verify that the student's information on their organizational account is all accurate.

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