How can students access Bookshare content at home?

There are three ways that a Sponsor can allow members to access Bookshare at home:

The first way is to sign a student up for an individual membership.  For more information see "How do I create an Individual Membership for my student?"

The second way is to have a Sponsor include a username and password for a member, then share books across a rerading list. For more information see Help Members Read. 

The third way is to have a Sponsor download one of our free DAISY Readers along with the book to a CD or USB storage drive so that the student can then install the DAISY reader and book onto their home computer.  A Sponsor should:

  1. Go to the Reading Tools from My Bookshare
  2. Download the desired software
  3. Save the installation file to an easy to find location on their computer
  4. Then copy the software installer onto CDs, thumb drives, or any other removable media for distribution to the students.  

The students can then run the installer to install the DAISY reading software on their home computers.

When downloading books for students, just copy the .zip book files onto a CD or other removable media and distribute them to your students.

If your student will use Read:OutLoud Bookshare Edition on a PC, please refer to this video tutorial: