How do I add my school information to my account?

Prior to purchasing a subscription you will be given an opportunity to indicate that you are a student by selecting the "I am currently a U.S. Student" link from the purchase subscription page.  

Once this link is selected you will be taken to a page where you can enter your school information.  Please allow some time for our system to fully update and apply your free subscription.

Alternatively, if your school has an existing Bookshare account a sponsor or teacher can add your school information by first adding you as a member, then:

  1. Logging into their sponsor account
  2. Selecting the "My Organization" link
  3. Selecting the "Members" link
  4. Placing a check next to your name 
  5. Selecting the "Add an Individual Membership" button
  6. Using Option #2 to link your existing account to their list.