How do I download and open material with Read:OutLoud?

Please download and save the book to a location that you can easily find using your web browser. To unzip the book, please do the following:

If on a Mac the book will extract automatically, if it does not simply double click the .zip file.

If on a PC:

  1. Locate the saved book Zip archive.
  2. Press enter or double click to open the file.
  3. Start the Compressed Folder Wizard.

Mouse users can click the Extract All button on the tool bar and complete the wizard

Keyboard users can extract all files as follows:

  1. Press Alt, then down arrow, then enter
  2. To continue, press enter, this will open the "select a folder to extract files to" dialog.
  3. Make sure that the “show extracted files when complete” checkbox is checked
  4. To save the book in a sub folder in the current location, press enter If you wish to save the folder in a different location, press the Browse button and choose a new location 
  5. Press enter again to finish.

A new folder is created once the archive is unzipped. At that point, the zip archive is no longer needed and can be deleted. 

To open the unzipped book, please do the following:

  1. Start Read:OutLoud
  2. Pull down the File Menu
  3. Choose the Open option
  4. Point to and open the newly created book's folder
  5. Open the .opf file (Windows may label this a NIMAS file).