How do I download books onto a Braille Sense using the Bookshare Download App?

Setting up for the First Time

To utilize the Bookshare program on the BrailleSense, you will first need to customize a few of its options to get started. These settings will be saved until you change them.

  • From the main Menu, select Library Services, then Bookshare Download.
  • Press Enter with O to open the options dialog box.

Here you will set your default download format, whether your books will unzip automatically, and default download folder.

Default Download Type; press Space to cycle through the available options to select one, then Space with dot 4 to move to and select your auto unzip preference.

Note: For the best user experience, We recommend setting this option to On. After selecting your preference, press F3 to tab to the next set of options.

Default Download Folder Button; here you will indicate where your books will be downloaded to. After setting your default download folder, press F3 to tab to the Save button, then press Enter to save your settings.

Logging into Bookshare

Press Enter with S to open the Login Settings dialog box; here you will enter your user name and password. After entering your Login ID, press F3 to enter your password, then press enter to save the settings and return to the main area of the program.

Searching for and Downloading Books

Press Enter with E to move to the Search mode Combo box, and space to cycle through the available options (books or periodicals) to select one.
Press F3 to tab to the Search Method Combo box, and Space to cycle through the available options (word, category search, or full text).

Note: Selecting the Word option will allow you to enter text for a title, author or ISBN number.

  1. Press f3 again to tab to the edit box, and enter the text of your search, then press Enter to activate it.
  2. Press dot 4 or dot 1 to move up or down the list of results, and press Enter to select one and open your download options prompt.
  3. Depending on how your download preferences were set, you will either begin downloading your book, or be prompted to select your download format. If prompted, Space to cycle through the available options, then press Enter to begin the download.
  4. Once the download is complete, you will be returned to your download results.
  5. Press Space with Z to exit the Bookshare program, in order to locate and read your downloaded book.