How do I search for Periodicals in the Bookshare Download app on my Braille Sense

If you select “periodicals” from the “select search Mode” combo box, the next item in the dialog is an edit box in to which you can enter a “periodical ID”. Each periodical in the Bookshare collection contains a numerical ID you can use to quickly access it. Enter the ID in the edit box, and press “Enter” to initiate the periodical search, or tab to the “Search” button and press “enter”. When the search is complete, a list of available issues of that periodical is displayed.

If you do not know the ID of the periodical you wish to find, simply leave the edit box blank and press “Enter”. If you have typed nothing in to the edit box, the entire list of available periodicals is displayed in alphabetical order. Use “Space-1” and “Space-4” to navigate the list. Press “Enter” on your desired periodical, and the list of available issues for that periodical is displayed.

 The issues list also contains a “detail Information” button for each item. The “Detail information” for periodical issues contains the following information:

  • “Title”: the title of the periodical issue.
  • “Edition”: The edition date of the periodical issue.
  • “Revision”: the number of the revision of the online version of the periodical posted to Bookshare.
  • “Revision time”: the time the most current revision was posted to Bookshare. (Useful if a revision contains errors in DAISY structure or text, as you can determine whether you have downloaded the most recent version)
  • “Category”: the type of periodical (newspaper, magazine, etc).

As with a book, to download an issue of a periodical in the list, simply press “Enter” on it, or Tab to the “Download” button, and press “Enter”.