How do I set my download options in the Bookshare Download app on a Braille Sense?

The “Options” dialog allows you to set items such as download location, default download type, and whether the Braille Sense U2 automatically unpacks the Bookshare book or periodical.

 To open the “Options” dialog, Tab to the “Options” button and press “Enter” or press “Enter-o (dots1-3-5)” to open the “Options” dialog directly from anywhere in “Bookshare Download”. The “Options” dialog contains the following items:

  1.  Option settings list: contains “Default download type” and “Auto unzip” on/off.
  2. “Default download folder” button: opens a dialog for selecting default download location.
  3. “Save” button: Press “Enter” on this button to save your settings.
  4. “Cancel” button: Press Enter on this button to exit the “Options” dialog without saving your changes.

 The option Settings list contains 2 items: “Default Download Type” and “Auto unzip” on/off. Use “Space-1” and “Space-4” to move among the settings in the list. Press “Space” to change the value of each setting.

There are 3 options for the default download type: “DAISY”, “BRF”, and “Prompt”. If this option is set to “DAISY”, whenever you initiate the downloading of a book or periodical, the DAISY version is automatically downloaded. In the same way, if you choose “BRF”, the BRF version is automatically downloaded. If you set this option to “Prompt”, each time you initiate a download, you are prompted for the download type.

The “Auto unzip” on/off option lets you choose whether you want the Braille Sense U2 to automatically unpack books or periodicals when they are downloaded. If this is set to “on”, when the download completes, the Braille Sense U2 announces, “unzipping book name….” And automatically unpacks the contents and places it in a folder with the same name as the zip file. If you set this to “Off”, you are returned to the main dialog immediately after downloading, and you must extract the zip file manually from the “File Manager”.

The “Default Download folder” button opens a File Manager dialog in which you can choose the default download location for your Bookshare material. For example, you may wish to create a “DAISY” folder and have all your Bookshare material automatically download to that location. Use normal file/folder navigation commands to select the folder in which you want Bookshare material to be stored, and press “Space” to select your desired folder. Press “Enter” to save the location and return to the “Options” dialog. By default, the “Default Download Folder” is set to “flashdisk/downloads”.

When you have chosen your desired settings, press “Enter” to save them, or Tab to the “Save” button, and press “Enter”. If you want to exit the “Options” dialog without saving your settings, press “Enter” on the “Cancel” button, or press “Space-z (dots1-3-5-6)”.