If we have multiple students who need the same book, do we need to download the book for each student separately?

To protect publishers' interests under the terms of the copyright act, each book file downloaded is digitally fingerprinted with the information about the one student who will be receiving the book. With these fingerprints, Bookshare can detect illegal sharing and identify the Member responsible. In addition, Bookshare has an obligation to its funders to accurately track the numbers of students receiving books and the numbers of books. Therefore, if you want to distribute the same book to multiple students, you'll need to download a separate copy of the book for each student.

During the downloading process, you'll have the option to select multiple Member names. At the finish page, you will see a separate book file for each Member you selected, marked with that Member's first and last name. Select each file to begin the download process.

Ultimately, downloading files one by one will be faster for you, because file size would increase if multiple student books were in one zipped download. Also, you can distribute the smaller zipped files individually to each student. Please be sure each file goes to the right student, in keeping within Bookshare's digital rights management policy.