Individual Membership Terms

Bookshare members agree to our Terms of Use online. If the member is under 18 the Parent or Guardian must complete the online digital agreement.  You can complete the Individual Membership Agreement online using the following steps: 

1. Log in to your Bookshare account. 
2. Select the "My Bookshare" link. 
3. Select the "Complete Agreement Online" link from the status window on the My Bookshare page. 
4. Fill out the required information and select the "Submit" button. 

You will receive an email soon after confirming that your account has been updated to reflect that you have agreed to the terms and conditions.  

You can always download a copy of the completed agreement for your records.

If a paper form is still required please Request Help, and our support staff can provide one.  Please note that paper forms submitted will take longer to process, but we understand that there are circumstances where the form cannot be completed online.