Manually download books to a Dynavox

You can manually download Bookshare books to your Dynavox Maestro, V/Vmax, or V+/Vmax+ by saving them as a DAISY Text file, then opening the book in Dynavox's eBook Reader. 

To download the DAISY Text file on your Dynavox:

  1. Log in to your Bookshare account in a web browser on your open Maestro, V+/Vmax+ or V/Vmax or on another computer. 
  2. Search for the book you wish to download. 
  3. Select DAISY Text Only from the download format drop-down menu, then select the Download button. 
  4. Select a location to save the compressed or zipped file of this book (i.e. the desktop of the device or computer). Once the zipped file has been saved to that location, you can minimize
  5. Navigate to the zipped file that was downloaded and right mouse click on the zipped file.
  6. Select Extract All. The Windows Extractor Wizard will open.
  7. When you get to the option for a location to save the file, select Browse. 
  8. Navigate to C:\5100\User Files\eBook or the drive that represents your USB storage drive if you are using a separate computer and transferring to a device. 
  9. Select the New Folder button to create a folder to receive the unzipped book files and name it (usually the name of the book). 
  10. Select OK. 
  11. Select Extract. 
  12. If you have downloaded the e-book files to a USB storage device, connect that device to your Maestro, V+/Vmax+ or V/Vmax. Transfer the entire e-book folder to the C:\5100\User Files\eBook folder on the V+/Vmax+/Maestro. For step-by-step directions visit

To read your new e-book:

  1. Open the eBook Reader menu or your custom eBook page (found using the Page Navigator). 
  2. Select the Load eBook button on the eBook Reader menu or on your eBook page. The Select an eBook File menu will open. 

Note: The Select an eBook File menu will open to the e-books folder in the C:\5100\User Files\Ebooks folder on your Maestro, V+/Vmax+ or V/Vmax device. If the eBook you want to load has not been saved in this folder, select the Show All Directories checkbox on the Select an eBook File menu, and navigate to the location in which you have saved the e-book. 

  1. Select the expansion box to the left of the e-books folder in the left viewport. The ebooks folder will open and the subfolder(s) you have created for the eBooks you have downloaded will be displayed. 
  2. Select an e-book subfolder in the left viewport. The e-book file it contains will be displayed in the right viewport. 
  3. Select the e-book in the right viewport. Page 1 of the eBook will appear in the EBook Viewer and a page list will appear in the eBook Table of Contents Viewer. 
  4. The E-Book Action behaviors pre-programmed on the buttons of the E-Book Reader menu (or that you have programmed on your custom e-book page) can now be used to read the e-book.