Is Bookshare only for students in the U.S.?

No! Bookshare membership extends to both adults and non-U.S. students across the world that qualify for Bookshare based on a qualifying print disability.

In addition to the many school-related materials, Bookshare boasts over 100 public reading lists for adult readers. Check out  public reading lists specifically for adults.

 This section includes:

If you have a qualifying print disability, you will need to purchase an annual subscription. A Bookshare subscription costs just $50 per year. Once you’ve purchased your subscription, and provided proof of disability you’ll have unlimited access to Bookshare’s collection. 

If you live outside the U.S., Bookshare partners with a number of international organizations that can help members submit Proof of Disability or pay for their subscription, although you’re also welcome to sign up apart from a partner group. Check if your organization is partnering with Bookshare on our Membership Partners page. International members in lower income countries may also be eligible for a discounted subscription fee