Reading Bookshare books Downloaded in Word

Bookshare books can now be downloaded in Microsoft Word. This is an easy-to-use format that allows members to see and customize the book’s text to meet their reading needs. 

Members can download books in Word and access the text using common editors. With these editors, they can do the following:

  • See the text
  • Customize the font size, colors, styles, and more
  • Annotate text

Read Aloud with Latest Version of Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word 2016 has a Read Aloud feature that lets you hear your document and see each word highlighted simultaneously. (Learn more about Microsoft Word's Read Aloud feature.)

Here are the simple steps for accessing Bookshare books in Word:

  • Log in to Bookshare
  • Select a desired book
  • Select "Word" from the drop-down menu next to "Download" and follow the steps to complete the download process
  • Find the zipped file in your "Downloads" folder
  • Extract the zipped file

Once the file has been extracted open it within the desired editor such as Microsoft Word for full access to the book text.