Bookshare Web Reader

Read Now in a single click!

Bookshare Web Reader allows members to read books instantly in a Web browser using the "Read Now" link.

This link is displayed next to most titles for all Individual Members and next to books that Sponsors (teachers) have assigned to Organizational Members (students) who have their own Bookshare logins. Learn more about assigned books.


  • Books are streamed directly to your computer, nothing to download or install!
  • Word- and sentence-level highlighting, synchronized with built-in Audio on Google Chrome and Safari
  • Full navigation and layout options in all major browsers; learn more about Browser Compatibility
  • Audio options include speech speed and voice
  • Text, highlighting and background themes, font sizes and Open Dyslexic Font options
  • Learn more about Using Bookshare Web Reader (with video)


  • New!  Bookshare Web Reader users may use BeeLine Reader!  Learn more
  • New!  For a limited time, Bookshare members may try out the Bookshare Web Reader on any browser!  Members will find the Read Now Beta link on all browsers not yet officially supported.  To provide feedback on your experience visit our Web Reader Beta discussion.

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Price: Free (must be a logged-in Bookshare Member)

Requirements: for synchronized highlighting and audio, use Chrome and Safari.

Audiences: This reading tool may be beneficial for Bookshare members who qualify with one of the following reasons:

  • Blindness: can be used with JAWS text-to-speech (TTS), particularly on IE.
  • Low-Vision: Synchronized TTS plus large font options, background, text and highlighting color options
  • Learning Disability: Word- and Sentence-level highlighting plus built-in TTS
  • Physical Disability: Switch-friendly