Read:OutLoud on Mac Indicates all Downloads are Corrupted

There is an intermittent bug in the Mac version of Read:OutLoud that causes the download window to fail to close when the download completes. 

Allow two to three minutes for the download to complete then click the red dot on the top left corner of the download window to close the download window. The book should open as expected.  If the book does not open without any error message being presented, begin the process again allowing more time for the download to complete.  If you receive an error message that the download is corrupted, restart the process reducing the amount of time allowed for the download.  

Alternatively, you can download and unzip the book outside of Read:OutLoud. To open an unzipped book in Read:OutLoud:

  1. Start Read:OutLoud
  2. Pull down the Insert menu
  3. Choose the Add eText option
  4. Locate the unzipped book's folder and open it
  5. Open the .OPF file