Tips for Searching

Enter multiple search terms separated by a comma (but no space) to find all books that contain ALL of those terms. For example:  horse, tiger returns all books containing BOTH "horse" and "tiger".

Use quotation marks to search for a phrase. For example: "French cooking" returns all books containing the phrase "French cooking" in the title, author or text

Use a minus (-) to search for all books that DO NOT contain a certain word. For example: mystery -Agatha -Christie returns all books containing "mystery" but not "Agatha" and "Christie."

Use the wildcard character (*) to broaden your search results. For example: "king" returns "king", not "peking" or "kingsley" "*king" returns "peking" "king*" returns "kingsley" "*king*" returns both "peking" and "kingsley" Common articles ("a", "an", "of", "the", "be?, "is") are not searched as they return too many results.