Welcome to the Updated Bookshare Website!


Welcome to the updated website! We have improved our content and information to help you better use Bookshare, from learning how to download your first book to using advanced features, accessing training, and getting more involved in the Bookshare community. At the same time, many of the core features you already know and love, such as searching and downloading books have not changed.    Read the following FAQs to learn about these great updates.

What’s new?

The website has been updated to provide you with better, simpler access to information to help you use Bookshare. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Better information - improved navigation and simpler page information to help you use Bookshare.
  • My Bookshare - new personalized information page to help you manage your account, see your book history, download reading tools and more from one convenient place.
  • Improved Search - better results when using the standard search found on any page.
  • Updated Help Center - revamped Help Center with new FAQs, better organization and improved search to help you find the answers you need.
  • Training Center - revamped Training Center with access to new and updated training videos, tutorials, training resources, and brochures.
  • Get Involved - new section with information on how to connect with Bookshare’s vibrant volunteer, mentor teacher, parent ambassador and social media communities!

What’s not new?

Finding, downloading and reading Bookshare books, as well as using advanced features like Reading Lists are the same. In addition, reading tools and apps that are directly linked to Bookshare, like Read2Go and Go Read, will also work the same.

How will it affect my experience if I’m using a screen reader?

If you're using a screen reader, it may be necessary to redo any place markers or hot keys you previously setup to navigate the new layout. Please take some time to explore and get familiar with our new layout. For more tips in accessing the updated site with a screen reader view our help article Tips for using screen readers

How do I log into Bookshare?

Select the “Log In” link from our home page and enter your Bookshare email address and password in the text edit fields that appear.

What is My Bookshare?

My Bookshare is your new personalized information page. After you log in, you can access it from the main navigation. My Bookshare will allow you to perform your main functions conveniently from one place, including seeing your account status, managing your account, downloading reading tools, accessing Reading Lists and book histories, and more.

How do I download books?

The download process has not changed. Please find and download books the same way as you did before.

How do I find answers to my questions?

Please visit our new and improved “Help Center.” You can access it from the main navigation on any page, and it provides many FAQs that will help you use Bookshare. FAQs are organized by category, such as using Bookshare, managing your account, learning about Bookshare and resolving issues. You can also use the improved search to find the specific FAQ you need.

What if I cannot find the page or information I want?

If you are searching for specific information that you cannot find, please contact us.

How do I contact Bookshare?

To contact Bookshare select the Request Help link from the bottom of the Help Center page.

How do I provide feedback?

We want your feedback. Please let us know how we can continue to improve the Bookshare website.

Where are the reading tools?

The free Bookshare downloadable reading tools are now within your “My Bookshare” page. Please select the “Free Reading Tools” option from under the “My Bookshare” menu.

Where do I find Bookshare qualifications?

You can find Bookshare’s qualifications on the “Who Qualifies” page under the “Is Bookshare For Me” section from the main navigation.

Where do I find subscription costs?

You can find cost information on the “What Does It Cost” page under the “Is Bookshare For Me” section from the main navigation.

How do I sign up?

Select the “Signup Today” button on the Bookshare home page. You can also go to the “Sign Up” page under the “Get Started” menu from the main navigation.

How do I find books?

Use the standard search available on every Bookshare page. You can search by title, author, or ISBN. You can also use the “Advanced Search” to do filtered searches or “Browse” book categories. For more information, visit “Find Books” under the “Get Started” section from the main navigation.

How do I read Bookshare books?

To get started, visit our new “How to Read Books” page under the “Get Started” section from the main navigation.

How can I contribute to Bookshare’s future?

Visit the “Get Involved” section from the main navigation to learn about how to volunteer, connect, and donate.

Where do I find my old task bar information?

All links previously found in your task bar are now available in the new “My Bookshare” section.

How do I access the updated site with my Braille Sense

The Web Browser on the Braille Sense from HIMS is not compatible with the updated Bookshare website.  Please use the Quick Browser or the Bookshare application to access Bookshare content. If you have questions about using the Braille Sense, please contact HIMS Support.

How do I access the updated site with my BrailleNote

Because the updated site uses some additional scripting, the apex has the ability to disable the scripting from web pages to simplify the sites for easier use.   Before using the new Bookshare site, you simply need to disable your browser scripting setting by following these steps: 

  1. Open the Web Browser.
  2. Press backspace with J for the scripting shortcut.  It will say “Scripting disabled”?
  3. Press Y to say Yes to disable scripting, followed by the enter key.
  4. Go to the new www.bookshare.org.
  5. Search and download your books as you always have.