How do I share or subscribe to a Reading List?

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Bookshare recently made it possible for Sponsors or Teachers on a Bookshare account to share Reading Lists with other Sponsors or Teachers on the same account.  

To share a Reading List: 

  1. Sign in to your Sponsor account.
  2. Select the My Reading Lists link on the left side of your My Bookshare page.
  3. Select the name of your Reading List.
  4. Select the Edit Details button on the bottom of the page.
  5. Under the Sharing section, choose "Org (owner, members, or sponsors in  your organization)" and select the Save button.

Tip: When creating a Reading List, add a short description, including key words that will help other teachers with whom you may want to share the list find it easily.
Shared list option highlighted

That's it!  Now all other Sponsors on the account can subscribe to this list.

To subscribe to an existing Reading List:

  1. Navigate to your My Reading Lists page.
  2. Select the Subscribe button on the bottom of the page. 
  3. Check the box next to the name of the Reading List(s) to which you'd like to subscribe.
  4. Select the Subscribe button.

And that's it, you can now find the Reading List on your My Reading List page and assign students to the Reading List.

If your organization has many shared Reading Lists, learn how to search and/or sort the list of shared Reading Lists to find the ones of interest to you.

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