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Open LORE is offered in three variations: Bookshare Edition Buy now $9.99 Read 1.5 (Enhanced) Buy now $19.99 Learning Center Buy now $39.99 The Bookshare edition is limited to accessing Bookshare content and comes with two high quality voices. Open Lore Read... more
Through the Student Dashboard, teachers can gain insights into student’s activity on Bookshare as well as assign additional books or Reading Lists to their students. To access this page for each student: Log in to BookshareSelect the "Members" link from the left-hand... more
Update your audio download preferences:Log in to your Bookshare account and select the My Account link on the top left corner of the page. Under My Summary, select the Edit Preferences link.Under the Download Preferences heading, select DAISY Audio from the Audio... more
Books can be downloaded easily in the the Dolphin EasyReader application directly through the Dolphin app itself. To download books onto your device using the Dolphin EasyReader application:Open the Dolphin EasyReader Application (create a Dolphin EasyReader account)... more
Here's some information about Bookshare qualifications for educators: If your student finds it difficult to process or comprehend printed words, see text in books or on a screen, or physically manage books or reading devices, Bookshare may be able to help. For your... more
Bookshare has introduced a new search option allowing members to search through all of the available Special Collections.  To do this:Navigate to the Browse page ( the "Search" link from the Browse Other Collections... more
Did you know that Bookshare includes nearly 10,000 books that are not copyrighted and available to anyone, even non-members of Bookshare?For example, here are three lists containing hundreds of freely available titles that anyone can access:Free Books for All - 208... more
If you're able to open a book with the Bookshare Web Reader but the text to speech is not functioning please try these troubleshooting steps:Ensure you're on Google Chrome if using a PC, or Safari if on a Mac.  Note that currently the Web Reader is not supported on... more
If you find it difficult to process or comprehend printed words, see text in books or on a screen, or physically manage books or reading devices, Bookshare may be able to help. To join Bookshare, an expert, or Competent Authority, must confirm that you have a... more
To qualify for Bookshare, people whose first language is not English must have an accompanying qualifying condition that significantly interferes with his or her ability to read or process printed text. In and of itself, being an English Language Learner is not... more
Bookshare books can now be downloaded in Word and read with any compatible editor or reading tool. This is a common, easy-to-use format that allows members to customize the book’s text to meet their reading needs. Members can do the following with Word:See the... more
How to install Speech CentralOpen the Apple App Store on your iOS device.Search for "Speech Central"Select the option to get Speech CentralHow to download a Bookshare bookOnce in the app click on Articles & Books from the bottom of the screenClick the add button (... more
Bookshare is committed to improving the quality of books within our collection, and you can help us by reporting problems that you encounter.You will need to be logged in to file a book quality report.  On the catalog page of the individual book, you'll find a link... more
If you are using a BrailleNote Touch device, the easiest way to find, download and start reading your books is to:Download the Go Read application from the Google PlaystorePlaystore is pre-loaded on the Touch, which is Android-basedOpen Go Read on the Touch and... more
Bookshare's librarians have curated hundreds of ready-made Reading Lists to make it easier to find and share books. You can browse these lists at Teachers can subscribe to these lists and share them with their students. Individual... more